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Top Tips for Water Damage in Your Commercial Property

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Water damage can definitely hit your commercial building at any time. No matter where the damage came from, such as from a weather-related event or from a broken line, every hour that is being spent cleaning up the entire property is actually an hour of lost productivity and revenue.  

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Proper drying and extraction techniques also help minimize any possibility of getting additional damages as well as potential microbial growth after the occurrence of water damage in your commercial property. In addition to that, these certain techniques can also help minimize costs.   

Furthermore, drying out the affected places in your commercial property efficient and quickly requires the most specialized equipment and methods by highly trained, professional and knowledgeable water damage restoration experts. This is the reason why a lot of experts recommend that you call a professional water damage restoration service provider right away after a water damage in your commercial space.   

It is also very important that you always make sure that your primary focus is you, your employees, and your client’s safety at all times. In this article, you will be able to learn some most important tips for commercial property owners who are faced with any kind of water damage in their working space.  

Safety Tips for Cleaning Up Commercial Water Damage  

  • Make sure to turn off the electricity.  
  • Don’t use commercial or home vacuums to remove water in order to avoid any risk electrocution.  
  • Don’t turn on air conditioning or heating units if the cause is related to sewage as this might only spread contamination.  
  • Make sure to wash your hands after your contact with damaged items.  
  • Call a professional water damage expert right away.  

Steps to Take Before Professional Water Damage Restoration Experts Arrive  

  • Whenever possible, stop the water right at its source.  
  • Make sure that you remove any loose item from the floor.  
  • Mop up any excess water from the floor.  
  • Make sure to wipe excess water from your furniture, most especially wood furniture.  
  • Make sure that you remove your colored rugs as well as other items that might stain the floor coverings.  
  • Take out any wet cushions and upholstery.  
  • Pin up any furniture skirts or draperies in order to keep them dry as well as to prevent staining.  
  • Position aluminum foil or plastic blocks between wet carpeting and furniture legs.  
  • Turn your air conditioning on as well as open your windows for a maximum drying, most especially in summer.  
  • Move art as well as other decoration to a dry location.  
  • Create a reliable disaster preparedness plan  

You should make sure that the disaster preparedness plan for your working space includes a component that can help prevent any water damage as well as the need for any extensive commercial property water damage restoration.  The elements that you can add to your commercial property preparedness place include regular inspection and property maintenance, tenant education, as well as business continuity.   

Lastly, if you are in need of professional commercial water damage restoration service your area, make sure that you only hire the most experienced in the field.  


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